Labyrinth of Dreams

1st session- aftermath

Strangely, all members of the Dream covenant have been having the same reoccurring dream about being outside of a giant labyrinth. They can’t get inside and the closer to the gate they get, the more comfortable they feel. In the land of the waking, more and more members of the covenant have been disappearing. And then, 2 weeks prior to our adventure… all dreams stop.

Day One

The party makes it’s way through the labyrinth of dreams after an interesting night at a carnival. There they meet the Illusion King and his Jester. While on stage, the jester explains the rules for the proposed game. To prove you are worth the free will you were so freely given, you would be put to the ultimate test: Survive and maneuver your way through the labyrinth of dreams… The winners would achieve power beyond their wildest dreams…

The curious Al’tali Alimos and his supportive friend, Touzin noticed that when standing behind the stage that the Illusion King(ILK) and jester were on, they could neither see nor hear them.

The mage, Eli, also ran into a fellow student of the arcane arts, Seong Heon, who ended up as part of another group that vanished into the labyrinth before them.

The first room they entered contained two statues of what looked like an angelic couple. By leaving the area, they triggered a stone wall to separate the statues and have been followed by at least one of the pair ever since…

The party, by working together and taking advantage of their love affair with lady luck, successfully made it through the first level. Beating the level’s boss (a trapped giant centipede), optional boss (a 5-headed cryohydra), and finding a small village of dwarves. They also managed to survive a teleporting pit trap which momentarily separated them.

While heading up to level 2, the party came across another group(the one with Seong Heon), who offered to join forces, which the party agreed to not do.

In level 2, the party has noticed more statues lying around. Some living and others much more quite…

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