A Lesson on The Great Creation

"In the beginning, there was chaos. But chaos can not exist without order to define it; so it is said that, in the beginning, the two Alphas were one.

What caused them to separate? Many clerics have argued over this for as far back as the existence of speech. Not even the Aeons themselves have given us an answer (if they even know, heheh). What we do know for certain is that chaos grew bored and sought to extend his reach over all the planes of existence. So order created the Eternals. These Eternals existed in every plane simultaneously, and ushered in a new age of balance.

The Eternals, being young, took to fighting with each-other as many siblings do at a young age. Their battles, however, were so grand in scale that it caused the universes of all planes (which were relatively small at the time) to expand rapidly, Creating planets and, eventualy, life. Of note, from Force came the Dragons. The oldest surviving creatures. And from Life, came man.

The Eternal of Life, Aziza, who was fascinated with chaos, bore his child- the first man, Baako. So man is born of both order and chaos and has both within him. Now the Elves argue that they, being a longer-lived race, were in fact the first children. But were born only from order. This is, of course, entirely speculative.

To help guide man towards their individual causes, Order and Chaos created the Angels of the 5 Virtues and the Demons of the 5 Vices respectively.

With the advent of life, virtue, and vice, came the Aeons. Immortals that demanded worship. During the age of Winter, the first age, Aeons had grand battles for followers and the devotion of man. Clerics of each Aeon would fight massive wars over the continents. Using Magic and steel in equal supply to further their god’s cause. This lasted for a hundred years, blood soaked the soil and people lived in fear for their lives every day.

Until Ituha, a young boy at the time, journeyed to Celestia (land of the gods) and somehow managed to convince them to make a truce. Details on what exactly transpired do not exist now, if they ever did, though many have ahem theories… You will not be tested on these.

What you do need to know is that the end result was the Aeons all called a truce to be united under one church, what we know today as the Ecclesia, and that no Aeon may act or seize power outside of his or her realm. Those that are immortal can still become Aeons by getting enough followers, though they are not protected by the treaty if they invade another Aeon’s realm. And this ushered in the age of Wood, as well as the peace we still enjoy today."

The Grand Court and the Minotaur War

" The age of Wood ushered in peace amongst Aeons and their followers, but it also marked the beginning of the Minotaur war. A Minotaur, for those of you that didn’t read your last assignment, is a Giant half-bull half-man. They are at least double the size of an Orc and are only male. Known for thier ferocity in battle and for raping women of all races, the Minotaur war marked the first time different races united with a common goal.

Towards the end of the age of Winter, for reasons yet unknown, Minotaurs began appearing in great numbers. It’s a mystery where they came from, since Minotaurs can not reproduce sexually. But soon enough, the heads of Man, Elf, and Dwarf,met and established treaties to smooth over, sometimes tense, relations. Thus began the formation of the Grand Court."

“But, Professor, I’ve never seen a Minotaur! And my older brother tells me they don’t even exist!”

“That shows his damned ignorance, then! The Minotaurs did exist and we have documents detailing confrontations with them. Now, as I was saying… United against a common enemy, the Grand Court easily overcame and defeated the Minotaurs. Relying on heroes from all races such as:

Makani Aka, Siraj Saeed, and Diesa Glim of the Human, Elves, and Dwarves respectively, We were able to slay every last Minotaur left, ending the war and bringing a sense of unity amongst all involved."

The age of Summer

Labyrinth of Dreams

Suramok Touzin